Women Leaders in Conversation: Technology To Foster Mentorship in Education


Usha Sekar inspired us all with her career-long dedication toward creating, connecting and caring in a way that adds business value while producing lasting social impact for the good of the community. Usha leverages her phenomenal training and education in a practical way that grows teams and companies and produces results that serve the needs of the customer, and the community overall. Whether she worked in IT at companies like Tandem, Compac and HP or whether she was the CIO at Fujitsu, or working for her own or someone else’s start-up, her focus has always been on finding opportunities and solving problems leveraging technology.
Her current company, Meemli creates a versatile platform for connecting students to mentors on specific subjects ranging from science and math to writing and the arts, serving her passion for the education cause. Currently available in the market by invitation only, Meemli is partnering with nonprofits and foundations such as the Silicon Valley Education Foundation and its Step Up to Algebra program, as well as various California schools and academic institutions like UCSB to provide the type of targeted, one-on-one instruction proven necessary to build skills, build relationships, and ultimately to build confidence. Doing this in a trusted, private, protected system leveraging technologies helps ensures the mentor-mentee relationship, and facilitates growth, inquiry and learning, while also making it scalable to benefit all stakeholders, from mentors to students to teachers to schools and nonprofits. And doing it online will enable more people to participate and contribute as mentors, which is of particular interest to corporations with social responsibility mandates to build employee connections with the community, and serving in a tangible, concrete way, without the cost of commute time.
If you are a potential mentor, student, nonprofit, academic institution or someone else interested in Meemli’s way of leveraging technology to connect students with mentors, giving them the power to help themselves, e-mail them at info@meemli.com or find out more at http://www.meemli.com.

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