Negotiating Secrets for Growing, Building and Running A Successful Startup


FountainBlue’s February 2 Women Leaders in Conversation topic was Negotiating Secrets for Growing, Building and Running A Successful Startup, with Amita Paul.
Amita Paul shared the ins-and-outs of social media and its revolution while sharing the story of how it drove the business choices she made. She advised us to focus on something that you’re passionate about, then strategically build relationships with those who can help you nurture a shared customer-centric vision, leveraging technology and relationships, insisting on excellent execution, and collectively building momentum and brand around the cause.
Amita affirms that negotiation plays a key role throughout the process, whether you’re just articulating that vision that will-not-be-denied, or whether you’re working with partners to build prototypes, collecting initial customers or investment dollars, or strategizing on the best exit path forward. And throughout the negotiation process, she emphasized the importance of clear communications, of building relationships and constantly focusing on making something bigger than it is, creating something from nothing. Specifically, she mentioned that when negotiating with corporates as an entrepreneur, always charge your value, while enlisting their support in making your solution better!
Amita said that it is the consumer shift which has brought social media to the forefront for her, recognizing early that consumers will progressively become more dependent on connecting with each other through social media solutions to make purchasing decisions for themselves, and to inform others in making their decisions as well. And this shift in the way consumers do business is a global trend that’s growing quickly. Indeed, the whole social media phenomena started globally, not in the Silicon Valley or the US as many technology solutions have, and will explode not just with online social media solutions but will extend beyond the web well into other real-world purchasing patterns and decisions.
For those who have not ventured down the social media path, Amita’s advice is to get connected! For those stuck with the privacy and security questions, her advice is to be strategic and thoughtful, but do have a presence, a brand, a voice. We will conclude with a top-10 list of things entrepreneurs should do:
1. Do everything with passion.
2. Insist on excellence.
3. Tell your story.
4. Make up your own rules to overcome obstacles, especially around budgets.
5. Sometimes it’s about taking a chance, and doing something that you’re passionate about that takes you out of your comfort zone.
6. Empower your loved ones and make a good choice for a spouse.
7. Believe that your thoughts and actions can change the world.
8. Look for early adopters.
9. Be customer-centric.
10. Always focus on building momentum.
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