Top Ten Rules for Marketing on a Shoestring


The entrepreneurial tech companies we work with are driving the next age into personalization. As effective entrepreneurs in an age where technology favors the nimble and decisive smaller company, they are adept at building momentum by marketing on a shoestring. Here are the top ten rules we follow when we serve them.

Rule Number One. Know your value proposition, what you do for whom and why.

Rule Number Two. Clearly and consistently communicate your value proposition, your message and your brand.

Rule Number Three. Understand the various stakeholders and message based on your understanding of their needs and objectives.

Rule Number Four. Develop communities of stakeholders and engage these communities in your activities.

Rule Number Five. Communicate to your communities through blogs, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and in-person events.

Rule Number Six. Forge win-win alliances with strategic partners.

Rule Number Seven. Leverage PR and media to spread the measure and grow your community and brand.

Rule Number Eight. Measure the results of your marketing efforts.

Rule Number Nine.  Pivot based on the results.

Rule Number Ten. Be proactive and transparent and collaborative in your communications and actions.

We invite your feedback, insights and stories about your marketing-on-a-shoestring successes.

  • E-mail us at if you have your own suggestions on the top ten rules of customer engagement.
  • Nominate your own company, or other companies you respect and mention which rule above they profile well and why.
  • Volunteer to be interviewed to profile how your company is a great example of any of the rules above.
  • Ask us to help you with your own marketing-on-a-shoestring needs.
  • Other ideas, suggestions and thoughts you might have.

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