Top Ten Rules for Customer Engagement


Top Ten Rules for Customer Engagement

This post is part of our top ten secrets of marketing series.

Momentum. You can’t run a business without it. And in this age where technology and social media and mobile are the kings, and being in the silent majority the norm, businesses big and small need to find a way to convert lurkers to ambassadors, members to customers.

Rule Number One. Give them a purpose they can be passionate about.

Rule Number Two. Provide service, tool, feeling of sustainable value, easily communicated.

Rule Number Three. Communicate your passion and competence around that purpose and offering.

Rule Number Four. Beyond purpose, there must be an alignment of values. Act with honor and integrity and communicate with transparency from the top-down, and from the bottom-up.

Rule Number Five. Enlist a hero.

Rule Number Six. Empower all to be ambassadors.

Rule Number Seven. Enlist a community leader who will resolve conflicts quickly, fairly, transparently.

Rule Number Eight. Offer different ways for community members to participate and different levels of participation.

Rule Number Nine. Shift your offerings as the needs of the community and the market change.

Rule Number Ten. Celebrate successes, transitions and community.

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