Embracing Change



Change is a way of life, as inevitable as it gets. Sometimes it’s change you want and have pushed for. Sometimes it’s sudden, sometimes it’s welcome. Sometimes it’s long-overdue, sometimes it’s for the better. Regardless of what the change is and how it takes place, embracing and welcoming the change is a growth opportunity in general. Below are some suggestions for how to accept and integrate the changes in front of you, and integrate them into the next leg of your journey.

  1. Accept that nothing is permanent, that everything will pass, no matter how good or not-so-good it is.
  2. Push yourself to grow and evolve and change. Explore the uncomfortable, go for stretch goals. Consciously welcoming change will help you accept the changes that happen, regardless of whether you had a role in making them come about.
  3. Surround yourself with people that aren’t quite like you. Do things that stretch your horizons.
  4. Fondly remember highlights and accomplishments and think of current changes and challenges as a stepping stone to what’s next.
  5. Laugh when a life lesson keeps coming back to you, and you finally hear the message.
  6. Combine two disparate things in your life or connect two very different people in your life and see what new synergies arise.
  7. Surprise someone by doing something differently than you’ve ever done before. Do something backwards or sideways to get a new perspective.
  8. Pretend that an unwanted change is exactly what you were looking for, until it actually becomes just that.
  9. Remember times when unwanted changes winded up better than you had expected.
  10. Make the next change an opportunity to find the next new you.

May the next changes in your life lead to opportunities beyond our imagination.

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