Foundational Beliefs in an Age of Personalization

Foundational Beliefs in an Age of Personalization

Foundational Beliefs in an Age of Personalization

FountainBlue will turn 9 in January, so we are going into our second decade of facilitating leadership and innovation, and doing our part in ushering in an Age of Personalization. It’s curious that the prior decade, my focus as founder and CEO of a web consultancy was facilitate the adoption web 2.0 elements – interactivity, communications, community, security, workflow, and more.

This web 3.0 phase is about all of that and more. The foundational beliefs we have regarding the Age of Personalization and web 3.0 are that:

  1. Technology is making it possible to create and deliver personalized products and services to increasingly discerning customers.
  2. Technology is connecting and empowering customers.
  3. Customers want and expect personalized solutions.
  4. Companies need to understand and deliver on what customers want.
  5. Understanding why customers want what they want will help companies plan for the future.
  6. Back-end operations, management, infrastructure and processes need to be integrated and aligned in order to sustainably deliver what the customers want cost-effectively.
  7. Company leaders need to plan and strategize with all stakeholders to deliver what customers need.
  8. Local vendors, partners and providers may become an integral part of delivering products and services to the door of customers.
  9. Only the right vision, strategy and execution, delivered by the right leaders will succeed.
  10. Success is a moving target, for solutions must continually evolve to serve the needs of the customer and to reflect new market trends.​​

The big picture is that CUSTOMERS RULE, and companies and leaders who get that, leveraging technologies and processes and people to show that they get that will wind up on TOP.

Those are our thoughts. What are yours?

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