What’s Next?


WhatsNextAs we exit 2014 and enter 2015, it’s a time of reflection – reviewing what has passed and planning for what’s to come. Below are some thoughts and questions on how to evaluate what’s happened and what’s next.

  1. What are the facts? What problems did you solve and what results did you generate?
  2. How did what you accomplish above fit into your plans-for-the-year created last year? Where did you measure up, exceed expectations or miss out altogether?
  3. What were the surprises – good, bad and ugly? Why were they surprises? Were they welcome? What did you do to make the best of these surprises?
  4. Who was a part of your life in ways small and big? How would you change the way you interact with these people in 2015?
  5. What will you do differently and unexpectedly next year, assuming that you have a desire to do so? How long have you had the desire to do that thing and why are you considering doing it now?
  6. How has your life changed for the better and for the worse? What will you do about it to embrace the good changes and slough off the bad?
  7. How has your company and the market changed in the past year, and how will that affect your plans for the new year?
  8. What is your one big regret relationship-wise in this year, and what can you do now to make it right?
  9. What is your one big regret in your business or in your job and what can you do to fix it?
  10. What is the most magical thing that could happen to you and for you in 2015 and what can you do to facilitate that occurrence?

We hope that you find them helpful. Our best to you and yours for a peaceful, fulfilling and magical 2015!

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