The Game of Life


Game of LifeIn playing the game of life, consider 3 things: how much heart and happiness you’re looking for, what kind of fame you need, and how much money you want. Here are some thoughts on making the right choices for each of these themes.

How much love you need

  • Having deep relationships is hard to plan out. Generally things don’t go as planned – the hot guy/gal isn’t that great or fun to be with, the partner/friend/colleague disappoints in ways unexpected, and miscommunications complicate intentions everywhere at the most inconvenient times.
  • But stay true to your values. Keep the faith and the hope, while being wiser for each experience, good and bad. (Note that you learn more from the bad than the good.)
  • Raise the bar for the relationships you hold dear, and stop trying so hard working those relationships that cause pain without learnings.

How much money you need

  • You always need more than you think, to cover the unexpected, so aim to cover the fundamentals, plus bonus, just-in-case money.
  • Appreciate all that you have rather than envy those that have more than you. It’s not about keeping up with the Jones’.
  • You don’t need as much as you think to accomplish what you want and to build the relationships which nurture and support you.

How much fame you need

  • The goal is to be known favorably by those who matter.
  • Many people don’t know what their brand is, how they are known.
  • Others don’t planfully go out there to be known, thinking this part isn’t important.
  • Still others know their brand and get their message out there, but aren’t targeting the right people – people who would support them and help them grow.

Whether you’re reflecting on your personal or professional goals and standings, consider the heart, money, fame games you have in mind. How do you measure up and how will you change the way you play the game of life?


Linda Holroyd is a coach, adviser and consultant and CEO of FountainBlue and organizer for FountainBlue’s monthly When She Speaks series.

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