Our Journey at Lam



The WGOPs Steering Committee was pleased to host our August 1, 2018 Tualatin-based launch event entitled ‘Our Journey at Lam’ and featuring:

  • Katherine Brown, Director of Manufacturing Engineering, Lam Research
  • Lora Muller, Senior Supply Chain Business Manager | GOPS ā€“ SMG8, Lam Research
  • Belinda Nabarrete, Managing Director, Lam Research
  • Erin Yeaman, Senior Director of HR, Lam Research
  • with the interactive conversation facilitated by Linda Holroyd, CEO, FountainBlue and opening remarks by Mike Snell, Divisional GM, Lam Research

Below are notes from the conversation.

Our panelists represented many different educational and professional backgrounds, and made many different life choices around education, family, and work. But they had much in common.

  • They made the right work and life choices for them at the time, based on the myriad of factors which impacted them.
  • They had the support of men and women around them to help them tackle the work and life challenges.
  • They support the leadership and development initiatives brought by Lam and applaud Lam for having a culture which supports diversity and inclusion.

Our panelists agree that there are a whole host of opportunities ahead, in this age of Industry 4.0, led by digitization and advanced manufacturing. People who have been working for decades have helped lay the groundwork for others – making it easier for women and people with diverse backgrounds to secure more challenging, more impactful positions and roles.

Advancements in technology and the business climate are also impacting how business leaders attract, retain and develop talent. In this Age of Digitization, people with skills in data and statistical analysis, advanced manufacturing and AI/ML will be at a premium. 

And leaders at Lam and other companies will need to increase the pipeline for this talent, as well as develop and promote talent from within. Including more women and more people with diverse backgrounds  – a WGOPs mission and goal – will help address this critical need, directly impacting the bottom line.

Below is a summary of advice for navigating a career journey at Lam.

  • First, believe that there are many options for women (and men) in Lam’s global operations roles.
  • Then, stretch yourself and reach for something a bit more than what you’re doing now. 
  • This may take getting networked with influential others, or it might mean taking classes or even getting a degree. It may mean reading books and web sites and using the library of resources available to Lam employees.
  • Make calculated risks and learn from every success, every failure.

Below are thoughts about personal development in general.

  • You are the CEO of your life. Know what you want and follow that path. Accept that there will be setbacks along the way, and learn from any failures and setbacks.
  • Sometimes things don’t go as planned. But you can still make the best of each opportunity so that things work out in the end.
  • Embrace the opportunity to do something new and different.
  • Learn to manage and lead.
  • Welcome the support of others – whether they be family, mentors, friends or sponsors. 
  • Speak up when you need something. Reach out and support others who are seeking support.
  • Get the support you need at home to get your work done. Get the support you need at work so that you can be there for important life events.
  • Err toward finding win-win collaborations across people, teams, companies and even industries.
  • Don’t expect perfection, but do aim for continuous improvement. 
  • Choose to be your best self. Help others to make that same choice.
  • Sometimes life happens, and you have to make a proactive choice in one direction or the other – toward work or toward life. It’s a tough decision, so go easy on yourself. Correct it to the other side if and when you think that’s the right thing to do. But don’t second guess yourself or feel bad for a proactive choice you’re making.

Below is advice offered on how to partner with others in your network and community.

  • Be a Lam ambassador in the community.
  • Find out about programs involving the community – whether it’s the colleges or the local high school.
  • Ask your HR representative about securing an intern for your team.
  • Take personal responsibility for helping to fill the pipeline, the volume of prospective interns, staff members, managers.

To conclude, in this time of great change, let’s work together in community, as women (and men), as Lam employees, and as active community members, to grow and stretch ourselves, and meet the work challenges of the future.

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