Fear, I see you


I see you, Fear. You have been my constant and unwanted companion, but you have also served me well. I’ve learned from you. And I’m stronger because of you. 

Now that I’m bigger and better, I’m sharing the qualities and questions which helped me combat my fears.

  1. Permanence – Are you permanent and here to stay? If so, I will find a way to change circumstances or cope. If not, I will ride your tide and weather your storm knowing it will end.
  2. Pervasiveness – Do you overwhelm me all the time? If so, I will find a way to cope or change circumstances. If not, I shall shelter where I can, and withstand you at your worst.
  3. Personal – Are you targeting me personally? If so, I will inquire into what makes this personal. If not, I will connect with others who share this fear so we can share the weight and support one another. 
  4. Perplexing – Are you too nebulous and confusing to be understood? If so, I will ask input from trusted others to shine light on this fear. If not, I will seek the data and input so that I can better understand you.
  5. Prideful – Are you threatening to embarrass me and hurt my pride? If so, I will take a dose of humility and give up my fear. If not, I recognize it is one less hurdle to overcome.
  6. Perpetual – Do you come and go? If so, I will find and manage your triggers and buff your impact. If not, I will be patient and upbeat while I persevere.
  7. Projected – Are you a fear I have on behalf of someone or something else? If so, I will recognize this, and my role in addressing someone else’s fear. If not, I will accept it as a fear of my own.
  8. Persistent – Do you keep coming back? If so, I will manage you better each time, every time. If not, I will accept fear as a one-off.
  9. Proportional – Is my response to the fear in alignment with the danger I’m facing? If so, I will get more support and plan a concerted response. If not, I will scale back my response to the fear.
  10. Preposterous – Are you so fanciful as to be un-real? If so, I will combat you with logic, and watch for the triggers which invite you to my thoughts. If not, I will arm myself with the data and support to endure.

Come walk with me, Fear. We will BE better, GET better together.

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