The Choice Is Yours  

The Choice is Yours.

It’s often difficult to choose to be optimistic and productive, especially now when so much is changing and the future is uncertain,but making a proactive choice can help you remain centered and productive while staying happy and resilient.

  1. Rather than fantasizing on what’s next and what you need, focus on moments of  happiness and gratitude.
  2. Rather than comparing yourself to others or to an idealistic version of yourself, celebrate the journey you’ve been on, and the many facets of yourself which have developed along the way.
  3. Rather than begrudging a colleague for a success you’ve coveted, find inspiration in their example, celebrate what’s possible, and channel your inspiration into productive thoughts and actions.
  4. Rather than catastrophizing world news and events, focus on the local impact you can make and stay informed on how we can optimize making a difference. 
  5. Rather than belaboring all the things that went wrong, celebrate all the learning opportunities and knowledge which make you a bigger version of yourself. 
  6. Rather than coveting more new and novel shiny objects, appreciate all the things already within your grasp – material, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  7. Rather than bemoaning a lost opportunity, be curious about the unique opportunities offered by the options in front of you.
  8. Rather than spiraling on the overwhelming challenges out of your control, focus on the projects, tasks and people you *can* influence for the better. 
  9. Rather than settling for a project, role or task to simply fill time, get curious about how you can integrate your real dreams and passions into life by doing what you deeply desire. 
  10. Rather than enumerating all the things you want to change about yourself, find compassion and acceptance for all that you are as you would a friend or family member, and celebrate the opportunity to continue evolving.

The old adage is true – it’s not what life dishes out to you, it’s how you frame it and how you respond to it. Choose to see the gifts in every experience and respond with optimism, positivity and fortitude.

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