Cultivate a Life of No Regrets

Cultivate a Life of No Regrets

I had a big birthday recently, which invariably invited reflection and introspection. A common theme through my varied career is the desire to stretch myself and raise the bar, even if it means hardship, challenges, and uncertainty in the short term. This approach has served me well, considering the global health, economic, social, political, and sustainability challenges affecting us all. 

Out of all this mindset and experience, I’ve developed a framework shown below for how you can make choices for a life of no regrets.

  1. Values First. Choose opportunities that match your values.
  2. Make a Difference. Select a company whose mission and vision makes a difference.
  3. Embrace the Uncomfortable. Try doing something which makes you feel uncomfortable in a good way.
  4. It’s About People. Work with people you admire and trust. Make consistent effort to be worthy of their respect and trust.
  5. Add Some Spice. Never settle for complacency. Embrace every opportunity to grow, learn and improve, adding spice to your regular routines.
  6. Keep Learning and Growing. Challenge yourself to learn and grow. It helps to work with people who can support you in doing so.
  7. Allow Past Lessons to Guide You. Contemplate the choices you’ve made in the past and use those learnings to inform your choices today and in the future.
  8. Lead with Passion and Purpose. Be clear on your goals while leveraging your passion and your purpose. Make strategic choices toward that goal and consistently execute on them.
  9. Err on the Side of Boldness. With that said, consider the timing of the choices you’re making – the boldest choice is not always the best choice, depending on what else you’re currently juggling.
  10. Have Faith that Things will Work Out. Fear can hold us back from even trying. Choose courage in the face of fear and set yourself free. 

I invite you to cultivate and embrace a life of no regrets. There are no promises that every choice will go as planned (especially in the beginning), but when all is said and done, you won’t have to wonder ‘What if?’. Instead, you might just discover what you’re truly made of.

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